The All-Russian Trade Forum "Supplier in the Network"

Last week, the All-Russian Trade Forum "Supplier in the Network" with the Chain`s Purchase Center ™ was completed, as part of the Sixth Week of Chain`s Purchase.

The event took place in Moscow at the Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre" for 2 days. Also in the "Expocentre" it was possible to get to the exhibition "World of Childhood-2021" with a limited number of participants, where the main chain retailers in the segment of children's goods were presented.

The All-Russian Trade Forum "Supplier in the Network" is held once a year and provides a unique opportunity for counterparties to get acquainted with the key players in the chain retail in the FMCG segment, hold a presentation of goods for those who make purchasing decisions, and conclude important contracts with chains.

Buyers, managers and directors of large and medium-sized Russian retail chains sat at the negotiation tables and were ready to meet new contractors. Each contractor was given no more than 5-10 minutes for self-presentation.

The SETI group of companies, which is a manufacturer of interior and car premium perfumes, also took part in the exhibition. We produce perfumes at our own factory in Russia based on premium essences from France. Our products are presented in Russia, CIS countries, Europe and America.

Over the past 5 years, the SETI company has become the largest manufacturer of perfumes for cars and interiors. We work on a contract manufacturing basis and help brands and their products become trend-setters in the perfumery market.
Among our advantages:

— Speed. The product manufacturing term is from 7 days.
— Scale. We supply finished products throughout Russia, the CIS countries, Europe and America.
— Quality and high production capacity. We produce perfume at our own automated production facility and order perfume compositions from France.
— Profitable terms. We work with any volumes from small to large batches.
— Author's development. We have our own wood processing technology, thanks to which the perfume reveals longer.

Within the framework of the Forum, we managed to organize the most creative and bright table that did not go unnoticed. At the forum we presented our key brands Melien, Jean Melien, which is entering the Russian market for the first time, as well as interior perfume.

The Jean Melien series includes 5 types of car perfume: Sunny Breeze, Provocative Red, Lychee, Odyssey Magic and Vanilla Haze. Each perfume is made from certified French ingredients of the highest quality and is noticed for a compact glass bottle with a stylish wooden lid, made from environmentally friendly natural wood.

Under the Melien brand, we have presented high-quality premium perfume compositions based on ingredients from the Provence region of France. Perfumes are distinguished by unique aroma recipes and correspond to the main world perfumery trends.
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